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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got mission?

Some people are born knowing what they are supposed to do with their life.

Others have their missions chosen for them.

I feel like the second represents our family.

This past weekend we were invited to speak at a local church to help promote The Heart Gallery, an amazing local non-profit group that works to enrich the lives of foster children, and ultimately expose them to the general public in an effort to get them adopted by loving families.

The Heart Gallery is the reason K is our daughter today.

As part of the church's Sunday service they invited us to answer a few questions about our involvement with The Heart Gallery. K's latest photo was displayed behind us on the big screen.

I'm not even sure what we said in response to some of the questions - public speaking was never my forte. (I'm still working to overcome the harm done to my self-confidence from my high school debate class.)

I write. I don't speak. Simple as that.

As the mini-interview warpped up, the preacher asked the million-dollar question, "How have you seen God working through this experience?"

It would have been easier for me to explain the fundamentals of macro-economics, or describe the double helix that makes up a DNA molecule.

Good thing my girl came to the rescue.

She reached for the microphone and simply said, "Well, we obviously look alike. So God knew what He was doing when He made us a family."

Maybe I overthink things?

After our appearance, we talked as a family about our mission. How God has given us a story to tell, and maybe this is the platform from which to tell it.

I wouldn't consider us "adoption advocates." I'll be the first to say not everyone is right for the challenge. In fact, it's obvious from K's past that some families should not be allowed to adopt.

But I do think we can be advocates for the blessing of adoption. Advocate for organizations like The Heart Gallery who are neutral third parties with the children's best interests at heart.

And advocate for a God that so richly blesses the obedience of people who trust Him.

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